Monday 26 March 2012

"Peran Profesi" 2012 LazCor GIS Elementary

"Peran Profesi" is one of the annual events of Lazuardi Cordova GIS. The event is aimed at introducing the students to some professions in the world and the job description. This year, "Peran Profesi" was held on Thursday, 22 March 2012. The guest speaker this time were 2 dentists from Dental Care that explained the duty of dentists and ways to take care of teeth to students. After the presentation from the dentists, the students apply the good ways -as it explained by the dentists- to brush the teeth, by themselves. All the students, from Grade 1 to Grade 6 were so enthusiastic and excited in answering the questions from the dentists and brushing the teeth together with the friends.

Sunday 25 March 2012

"Horse Riding" (Pelangi Activity)

On Monday, 5 March 2012, "Pelangi" conducted Horse Riding activity that took place SJKP Horse Riding School Intercon. The aim of the activity is to improve the integration sensory that would benefit the learning process for special need kids. The horse riding activity took around 2 hours, 9.00 - 11.00. The kids were excited to have horse riding activity together with friends.

Royal Crepes !

There was a new thing in Lazuardi Cordova starting 6 March 2012. It is the Royal Crepes ! The Royal Crepes is a brand of crepes, some kind of kids favorite snack. The Royal Crepes has lots of variety of flavors. The price is also affordable, ranges from Rp 2000 to Rp 3500. The Royal Crepes opens from 8.00 to 14.00. The kids were so excited with the presence of the Royal Crepes as it can be seen from the crowd around the crepes when it opens^_^.

1st Champion of Spelling Bee in Lazta Fiesta

On 29 February, Lazuardi Cordova sent some candidates to join Spelling Bee competition in Lazta Fiesta. Alhamdullilah, one of Lazuardi Cordova students, Ardelle; student of Grde 4 (Taj Mahal)be the first winner of the competition in grade 4-6 category.

Monthly Visit of Grade 6

It was not a coincidence that Grade 6 (the Eiffel Tower) had the monthly visit to the student's home. It was Hasan's house that became the destination this time. The students were really pleased to have the warm welcome of Hasan's family.

Monthly Visit of Grade 4

For February Monthly Visit, Grade 4 decided to visit the Ceramic Museum. The visit was conducted on Wednesday, 7 march 2012. In the museum, the kids were so pleased to see lots of variety of ceramics.

Monthly Visit of Grade 3

On Monday 27 February, Grade 3 (Al-Hamra) got a chance to observe and experience the making of handy-craft in "Lamara" workshop. "Lamara" is the brand of handy-craft that was made by Nada's mom and her employees. The visit was started by leaving the school to Nada's house around 10 o'clock, after the students had snack time. It took around half an hour to reach Nada's house from school. In Nada's house (and "Lamara" workshop as well), the students got a brief explanation about the daily activity of "Lamara" crew. Later, the students got a chance to taste the making of handy-craft by themselves. The kids looked so serious and excited in making the craft. They were also helped by the crew. After making the craft, the students interviewed "Lamara" crew to know a bit about their job description. The new experience and warm welcome from Nada's family and "Lamara" crew really made the students' day^_^.

Monthly Visit of Grade 1

In February Monthly Visit, Grade 1 (Borobudur)got a chance to see and had brief observation of Monas, the signature of Jakarta. The students learnt about function of wind (the benefits of wind for human) while getting to top of Monas. Before leaving, the kids bought some kites to play.The kids were so excited to see Monas, especially got the experience to be at the top and played the kites.

Monthly Visit of Grade 5

Still in February, on Friday 10 February in precise, students of Grade 5 (the Great Wall of China)had their Monthly Visit in Kiki's house. They left to Kiki's house by public transport. In Kiki's house, the students were welcomed by Kiki's family and started to get to know each other. The kids looked so happy with the visit, they also had chat with the family asking about Kiki's family's daily activities. Besides felt the warmth of Kiki's family, the students were also pleased to get the experience for geeting ride by public transport (angkot).

Monthly Visit of Pre-School

After Kindergarten and Grade 2 (Pyramid)had their monthly visits, on Wednesday 8 February, the Pre-school gave a visit to Azka's house in Kemanggisan as the destination for Home Visit this time. The activity was started with speaking out the vow (ikrar) and continued with touring to Azka's house. In the touring, the kids got a chance to know about rooms in Azka's house. After touring, the kids gathered in Azka's living room for the circle time. After having some fun, the kids then had snack time and finally left Azka's house after having prayer (dua) together.The kids were really excited with the visit. It also gave an unforgettable experience to the kids.

Monthly Visit of G2 (Pyramid)

On the same day the Pre-School and Kindergarten had Monthly Visit, Grade 2 (the Pyramid) also had Monthly Visit. This time, Grade 2 visited Vagatha's house. The aim of the visit is to get to know Vagatha's family , and learn the family tree (in brief) of Vagatha's family. After getting to know with Vagatha's family, the kids had games and colouring pictures activity.

Monthly Visit of Kindergarten

On Thursday, 2 February 2012, the Kindergarten had the monthly visit to Fire station in Puri Kembangan. The visit agenda was started with some introduction about Firefighters duty/job description. The description also highlighted some equipments needed for the work of firefighters. The firefighters, then showed the simulation of putting up the fire by involving the kindergartners. The activity was then continued with a tour using Firefighter car. The kids (and the teachers as well) were so excited with the activities.

Monday 5 March 2012

BigBro & BigSis - 29 Feb'2012

Big Bro Big Sis is one of the Annual Events of Lazuardi Cordova GIS. It is aimed at strengthening the bond between the kids (juniors) and their seniors.In previous years, Big Bro Big Sis had Art and Craft activities.This year, it was a little bit different. It took games, and a little touch of out bond. Yet, it was still about strengthening the bonding between the juniors and seniors, build the awareness that we are brothers and sisters.

The kids were trying to balance the water pipe in "paralon" games

One of the teams were performing their yel-yel

Sunday 4 March 2012

Pictures from LazCor Fair 16-17-18 Feb 2012

LazCor Fair is one of Lazuardi Cordova GIS annual Event. It might be considered as the ultimate event of Lazuardi Cordova GIS. The Theme of LazCor Fair this year was "Future School". It was chosen because Lazuardi Cordova GIS intended to be a future school, a school where kids would learn things and gain skills to prepare for their life.

Some participants in Group singing

The little girls and the big girls (the teachers..^^) were getting relaxed.

Kidergartners looked so seriuous in colouring the pictures.

The seniors (grade 4-6), so-calles "kakak" were lost in the their drawing.

Fun time together