Thursday 1 November 2012

Pyjamas Party

On Friday, the Preschoolers and Kindergartners were so excited that they had a very special and wonderful event, an event where they would be indulged with stories and games by the teachers. The event was "Pyjamas Party".

In this "Pyjamas Party", the Preschoolers and kindergartner did not dress up as usual, in school uniform. They wore Pyjamas instead. The classes that used for the event (TK A and TK B) were decorated as if they were bedroom. Salute to Pre-school and kindergarten teachers for their creativity!. The event gave the students lots of laugh and wonderful moments. Guess, they will be looking forward to this event next year.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Outdoor Learning Grade 5 - Sapphire (Museum Textile Visit)

On Wednesday, 10 October 2012, Grade 5 (Sapphire) conducted an Outdoor Learning to Museum Textile. In Textile Museum, the 5th graders got a chance to take a look some precious batik collection from contributing collectors and got to know the brief history of batik as well. They also the batik class painting that was provided by the Museum. The students were excited to know and experience the batik painting by themselves. May this Outdoor Learning make them even love Indonesia and its precious heritage as well.

Thursday 13 September 2012

Big Bro Big Sis 2012 (Mini Farming)

On Wednesday,  12 September 2012, Lazuardi Cordova GIS held "Big Bro Big Sis 2012". The theme of the event this year was "Mini Farming". In this event, the students were introduced to the planting mechanism and how to implement it by doing simple planting in school yard. After doing the little planting simulation, the students then moved to little vegetable garden (that was rented by the school for this purpose) near school to harvest some vegetables. The mini farming activity itself was aimed at making the students be aware of the importance of green environment and the sense of togetherness in doing the works.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Excull Exhibition

On Monday morning, 10 September 2012, Lazuardi Cordova GIS held an Extra-curricular Exhibition to find out students' interests toward the extracurricular program offers. The program would be opened in this semester. During the exhibition, the students were so excited to visit the participants' table to know more about the program. Alhamdullilah, the event succeeded, all participants also got great responses from the students.

Monday 13 August 2012

Pesantren Kilat

 On 9-10  August 2012, Lazuardi Cordova GIS Elementary had "Pesantren Kilat" event. The event was aimed at reminding our children about the spirit of Ramadhan. This event opened with Qur'an recitation by Nadine (grade 4) and translation by Hafizh (grade 5). It then continued with watching a presentation from mr. Zul about some unlucky people around us, that are still hard just to survive everyday. The presentation is expected to give sense of empathy in our children that would make them better human. This 2-day event that was held in Kindergarten and Elementary School building ended with great success that gave smiles in kids' faces :).

Sunday 22 July 2012

Welcome Back to School Kids!

After long holiday, finally on Monday, 16 July 2012 the kids got back to school. There were old faces, and some new faces. Some still looked the same, others looked bigger :). Yet, they all looked excited to get back to school again and met their friends. The first week of new academic year was not started directly into the lesson, the students had orientation instead. They were held in the first 2 days. During orientation days, the kids had some interesting activities to welcome they for getting back to this school. In the first day, the activities were mainly aimed to let the students know the school belief and rules. The students also made their own class belief/classroom rules. They were also introduced to students in other classes to class visits. Besides visiting the classes, the students were also got a chance to know the rooms at school, like the new library (now its name is "Library and Audio Visual Room")and "Discovery Room" (previously named "Science Lab"). Students looked happy and enthusiastic in joining all the activities during the orientation days. may this condition lasts to the days ahead :). Once again, welcome back to school kids !^_^
Discovery Room ^.
Outbond during orientation days
Grade 5 Sapphire were taking a look inside the Discovery Room
Syafiq and Hafizh were enjoying a book together in the library during rooms visits.
TK B was having a snack time
G1 was having a snacktime

Saturday 7 July 2012

It's Puncak ! (Lazuardi Outing)

On 4-5 July 2012, all Lazuardi Cordova employees so-called LazCor Crew ^^ had outing in Puncak, Bogor. We left Lazuardi Cordova on wednesday morning around 8 and arrived in Villa around lunch time. After taking a rest for a while, the crew had games that were hosted by ms.Ifa and Ms.Ulfa. After that, all the crew were able to taste the freshness of Bogor cool water in the swimming pool. At night, the people enjoy the self-made roasted corns. On the second day, after finished packing, all the crew headed to Cibodas to enjoy the scenery and had little shopping ^^. All the crew really enjoyed this outing and wanted to have it again ... soon^^.

"Gemstones" and "Metamorphosis"

Lazuardi Cordova had Teacher Working Program (so-called Raker)from 19 June to end of June 2012. the Raker agenda was evaluation of the just end academic year and evaluation toward the school events. Raker also brought result for class names for the coming academic year. For Pre-School and Kindergarten, the theme was "Metamorphosis" while "Gemstones" became the choice of Elementary. Grade 1 got Ruby (Ruby Class), Grade 2 got Amethyst (Amethyst Class), Grade 3 got Diamond (Diamond Class). Grade 4 got Chrystal (Chrystal Class) , Grade 5 got sapphire (Sapphire Class_ and finally Grade 6 with Emerald (Emerald Class). After getting the name for the class, the teachers and therapists started making class displays. Hopefully, the kids would love them ^^.

PAT (Year End Performance) - "Four Seasons Make A Year" and "The World Heritage"

On Saturday, 9 June 2012, Lazuardi Cordova just had the Year End Performance (so-called P.A.T)in Ruang Serba Guna (Assembly Hall), Mercu Buana University, South Meruya. The themes presented here were "Four Season Make A Year" by the Pre-Schoolers and Kindergartners , and "the World Heritage" by the Primary students."Four Seasons Make A Year" was about the four seasons - Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn/Fall- in a year that was represented by some characteristics of the seasons such as falling leaves, snow and kind of. It was a dance perfomance that was awesomely presented by the Pre-Schoolers and Kindergartners. "The World Heritage" on the other hands, is a series of performance that were brought by Elementary students. Grade 1 (Borobudur Class) performed the dance entitled "Kita Bisa" (theme song of Sea Games. Grade 2 (Pyramid Class) performed a dance that represent Egypt culture. Grade 3 (Al-Hamra Class) class performed poem and singing that represent the glory of Al-Hamra.Grade 4 (Taj Mahal Class) performed "Jai-hoo!! dance that represented the Indian culture. Grade 5 performed a rather different performance entitled "Opera Fun China" as a parody of the famous Opera Van Java - OVJ. And finally Grade 6 (Eiffel Tower Class) performed a drama/pantomim about respecting other people. All the children were enthusiastic in delivering their performances. We're so proud of you kids!!^^.

Aflatoun "Financial Planning for Children" Workshop

On 26-27 May, teachers of Lazuardi Cordova - from Pre-School, Kindergarten dan Elementary - got a workshop about Financial Management for children.The workshop gave insight about the importance of Financial Management for children and also ways to trigger the awareness toward saving, investment through business making. In the workshop, the teachers learnt how to create fun and meaningful activities to make the students alert and understand for business making process and the importance of entrepreneurship. Aflatoun program also taught the teachers to make the students alert about their self-worth and ways to treat themselves properly (including to make other people treat the children in right ways). The workshop was so beneficial to give the insight to the teachers in order to improve the teaching quality and realize the maximum potentials of the students. InsyaAllah this workshop would give lots contribution to the teaching ways in Lazuardi Cordova in near future.

Thursday 17 May 2012


Pada hari Kamis tepatnya 17 Mei 2012 Saya. Ms Hani selaku Kepala Sekolah Pra TK-TK dan beberapa teman baik guru maupun perwakilan dari Ibu-Ibu POM Sekolah Lazuardi Cordova GIS, antara lain: Ms Makiah (Guru SD Grade 1), Ibu Tari (ketua POM) dan Ibu Emilda,Ibu Naomi serta Ibu Risti (perwakilan dari Ibu-Ibu POM ) mendapatkan undangan khusus Preview Film Layar Lebar “Ambilkan Bulan” dari Ibu Nadia Jasmine selaku Direktur Sekolah Lazuardi Cordova GIS. Film keluaran Mizan Production ini akan tayang pada tanggal 28 Juni 2012 bertepatan dengan waktu liburan panjang sekolah....Waah ...Waah , Sudah tidak sabar yaa..mau juga menonton film tersebut...? Pokoknya film ini sangat layak untuk di tonton.... 

Jangan lupa yaa tunggu tanggal mainnya... “Ambilkan Bulan” adalah film fantasi musikal yang menceritakan tentang keluarga,persahabatan dan petualangan Amelia( gadis manis yang telah kehilangan Ayahnya akibat kecelakaan mobil)dengan kawan-kawannya serta keceriaan dunia anak-anak. Selain itu juga merupakan film untuk mengenang Alm.Bpk AT.Mahmud karena ada sepuluh lagu anak-anak ciptaan beliau yang berjaya pada masa lalu antara lain:Ambilkan Bulan, Pamanku Datang,Bintang Kejora, Anak Gembala, Libur tlah tiba dan Pelangi yg dinyanyikan oleh beberapa Band Indonesia seperti Sheila On 7, Numata, She, Superman is Dead, dll di dalam film tersebut. Yang membuat “tersentuh” setelah menonton preview film ini, Tokoh Film Anak Bpk.Suyadi atau kita kenal dengan “Pak Raden” berbicara terbata-bata karena terharu setelah menonton, mengatakan adanya film "Ambilkan bulan" ini adalah salah satu jalan untuk memperhatikan kembali lagu anak-anak supaya anak-anak bisa menyanyikan lagu sesuai dengan usia mereka... Ini adalah langkah awal untuk terus memperhatikan dunia anak dan lagu-lagu bagi anak-anak Indonesia," kata dia tentang film tersebut..dan pesan Pak Raden..mulailah hari dengan menyanyi,karena menyanyi itu menyehatkan...” tapi ingat yaa..Anak-anak, ya menyanyikan lagu anak-anak... Saya juga jadi terkenang masa dahulu saya saat mendengar dan sering menyanyikan lagu-lagu ciptaan Alm Bapak AT.Mahmud...Subhanalloh yaa, selain lirik dan lagu sesuai dengan usia anak, juga meski lagu lama masih enak untuk didengar dan dinyanyikan..Saya sendiri masih suka beryanyi dengan Ananda-Ananda di Kelas khususnya Ananda Pra TK dan TK Lazuardi Cordova GIS... Yaa, memang benar kata “Pak Raden”..”Mulailah hari dengan bernyanyi”..Karena di TK Lazuardi Cordova GIS,di setiap kegiatan siswa, selain Guru-guru memberikan tepuk-tepuk, games yang menyenangkan dan menarik , juga selalu diawali dengan bernyanyi, sehingga Kegiatan Pembelajaran Siswa lebih “exciting”..apalagi dengan metode “Moving Class” setiap hari Siswa mendapatkan suasana belajar yang berbeda sehingga Ananda tidak bosan dan selalu Happy...setiap hari mereka menanti-nanti dan bertanya kepada guru mereka ...”Sekarang apa miss?...” atau “habis ini apa lagi miss..? So, Parents...yang memiliki Anak atau keponakan dan tetangga...Ayo bergabung dengan kami... Kami masih membuka pendaftaran untuk Tahun Ajaran 2012-2013 antara lain : 1. Pre-School ( 2,5-3,5 tahun) 2. TK A ( 4-5 tahun ) 3. TK B ( 5 – 6 tahun) 4. Elementary (Grade 1) 5. Siswa Pindahan. Dapat langsung menghubungi Bapak Irvan/Ibu Winda : 021-5873810 atau datang langsung ke sekolah... untuk hari Senin-Jumat (08.00-15.00) dan Sabtu ( 08.00-13.00). Kami tunggu yaa.....
Demikian Sharing pengalaman yang berharga ini ...Semoga Kita semua dapat memberikan yang terbaik untuk anak-anak kita khususnya dalam memberikan atau memperkenalkan lagu dan film untuk Anak-anak kita...

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Foto Kenangan Tema Super Hiro

Hampir setahun sudah,ananda bersama-sama menempuh masa suka dan duka sejalan dengan perkembangan diri yang terus meningkat. Alhamdulillah, di akhir tahun ajaran, tepatnya hari Rabu, 9 Mei 2012 ananda beserta guru mengadakan kegiatan foto bersama sebagai kenang-kenangan.
 Seluruh siswa mengikuti acara foto bersama. Setiap kelas mempunyai tema foto yang berbeda. Alhamdulillah Ananda sangat antusias mengikuti kegiatan ini.

Field Trip Pra TK-TK ke Ocean Dream Di hari yang cerah yaitu hari kamis, 26 April 2012, terlihat senyum gembira di wajah ananda Pra TK-TK Lazuardi Cordova. Ananda beserta 17 pendamping sudah bersiap-siap berangkat ke Ocean Dream, Ancol. Ocean Dream merupakan tujuan field trip besar tahun 2012. Kegiatan fieldtrip selalu dinanti-nanti ananda Pra TK-TK Lazuardi Cordova, karena fieldtrip salah satu kegiatan rutin tahunan. Di tempat tujuan ananda mengunjungi show aneka satwa, lumba-lumba dan petualang dora 4D. Beberapa manfaat yang diperoleh dari kegiatan ini, ananda lebih mengenal tempat-tempat wisata, lebih mengenal berbagai macam binatang yang hidup di air dan darat. Ananda dapat melihat tingkah binatang yang lucu, pintar dan menggemaskan, ananda menjadi senang dan gembira. Alhamdulillah ananda terlihat sangat antusias. Semoga kegiatan fieldtrip ini akan terus diadakan dan berharap ananda lebih mencintai binatang dan lingkungannya, selalu menjaga kebersihan dan menjaga kelestarian alam.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Home Visit & Monthly visit (Pra TK - TK)

Alhamdulillah, pada tanggal 4 & 5 April 2012 Unit Pra TK-TK mengadakan kunjungan bulanan.
Kunjungan bulanan Pra TK yang dilaksanakan pada tanggal 4 April 2012 yaitu berkunjung ke rumah ananda Alika (home visit) yang bertempat di meruya. Keluarga & Ananda Alika sangat antusias menyambut kedatangan teman-teman Pra TK. Acaranya dimulai dengan pembaacaan iqrar, touring, dilanjutkan snack time & menonton film, play outside dan diakhiri dengan do'a. Alhamdulillah Ananda sangat senang.
Sedangkan pada hari Kamis, 5 April 2012, Tk A-B mengadakan kunjungan ke Gramedia Puri mall, acaranya antara lain touring, story telling dan ananda belajar menjadi konsumen, ananda membayar sendiri ke kasir buku yang ananda beli. Subhanallah ananda sangat antusias dengan kegiatan kunjungan ke Gramedia.

"Peran Profesi" (Pra TK - TK)

Salah satu kegiatan yang diadakan di Lazuardi Cordova GIS yang diikuti oleh seluruh siswa yaitu kegiatan peran profesi. Tepatnya pada hari Rabu, 21 Maret 2012, Alhamdulillah ananda Pra TK-TK mengadakan kegiatan peran profesi , yang dilaksanakan di ruang TK A. Hampir seluruh ananda Pra TK-TK mengikuti kegiatan ini. Mereka sangat antusias karena mengenakan seragam suatu profesi. Tidak hanya ananda yang mengenakan seragam, tetapi guru-gurunya pun mengenakan seragam suatu profesi.
Tujuan diadakannya kegiatan peran profesi adalah agar ananda lebih mudah mengetahui dan memahami suatu profesi dengan jelas dan dikemas semenarik mungkin.
Pada kegiatan peran profesi tahun ini alhamdulillah pihak sekolah mendatangkan seorang pilot , yaitu Bapak Andi Pitra Jaya, yang mana Bapak Andi adalah ayah dari ananda Mika Rafif Ilmi (Pra TK).
Kegiatan peran profesi tahun ini, acaranya antara lain :
- Menonton film dokumenter perjalanan tugas Bapak Andi dan penjelasan mengenai alat-alat yang terdapat di dalam pesawat.
- Presentasi dari Bapak Andi yang menerangkan alat-alat dan bagian suatu pesawat serta peraturan yang terdapat di dalam pesawat baik mulai dari take off sampai landing.
- Persyaratan apabila ingin menjadi pilot.
- Bapak Andi menceritakan pengalamannya ketika sebelum dan setelah menjadi pilot.
Pada akhir acara dipilihlah salah satu ananda yang mengenakan the best costum baik dari kelas Pra TK, TK A dan TK B. Ananda yang terpilih antara lain Raffa (Pra TK), Ghina (TK B).
Semoga kegiatan ini benar-benar bermanfaat dan menjadi kenangan indah yang InsyaAllah akan di ingat ananda sampai dewasa. Dan semoga kegiatan peran profesi pada tahun berikutnya dapat dilaksanakan dengan lebih baik dan meria