Saturday 7 July 2012

Aflatoun "Financial Planning for Children" Workshop

On 26-27 May, teachers of Lazuardi Cordova - from Pre-School, Kindergarten dan Elementary - got a workshop about Financial Management for children.The workshop gave insight about the importance of Financial Management for children and also ways to trigger the awareness toward saving, investment through business making. In the workshop, the teachers learnt how to create fun and meaningful activities to make the students alert and understand for business making process and the importance of entrepreneurship. Aflatoun program also taught the teachers to make the students alert about their self-worth and ways to treat themselves properly (including to make other people treat the children in right ways). The workshop was so beneficial to give the insight to the teachers in order to improve the teaching quality and realize the maximum potentials of the students. InsyaAllah this workshop would give lots contribution to the teaching ways in Lazuardi Cordova in near future.